Covid-19 Precautions: Social distancing compliant workspace, masks worn by staff, no sharing of supplies, disposable supplies/table covers, no contact activities, temperature taken at check-in. 

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Summer Camp Sessions

Fees: $120/week

Discounts: $15 off additional child, $20 off First Responders, Educators, EssentialWorkers

June 22-June 26 2020 M,W,F 9am-1pm

Drawing! - A line a day!

Students will explore a variety of drawing materials and mark-making. Students will explore drawing with marker, pen, pencil, ink, and non-traditional materials. Anything that makes a mark can be a drawing tool! Ages 9-12 will also explore mediums such as charcoal and pastel.  

June 29-July 3 2020 M,W,F 9am-1pm


Students will explore a variety of simple printmaking techniques. They will create art using a block print, stencil techniques, and collagraphy.    

July 6- July 10 M,W,F 9am-1pm


Students will explore watercolor by creating art that is abstract and representational. Students will layer color, cut and reassemble, practice both controlled techniques and loose expressive techniques, experiment with watercolor on various surfaces, experiment with resist techniques, and give both wet into wet and wet onto dry a try.  

July 13-July17 M,W,F 9am-1pm

Oil Pastel!

Students will use oil pastel to build an image in layers. Students will experiment using oil pastel on a variety of surfaces, will use additive (building), subtractive (scraping away), and frottage techniques.  

July 20-July 24 M,W, F  9am-1pm

Mixed Medium Collage

Students will assemble collage out of photographs, found paper, cut paper, and non-traditional materials (paper bags, coffee filters, sand, beads, newspaper, magazine paper). Students will incorporate tempera and acrylic paint, drawing techniques, and possibly some of the printing techniques.  

What is the benefit of making art? Making art is not just fun, but it also gives students of any age the opportunity to develop cognitive skills through emphasizing modes of thinking called the Studio Habits of Mind. These Habits of Mind skills are easily transferable to many situations outside of the art room, both in life and learning situations.

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The Studio Habits of Mind

Develop Craft

Learn to use a variety of tools and techniques to make art.

Engage and Persist

Work through problems or tedious tasks, stretching patience.

Stretch and Explore

Reach beyond current capacity to become brave and willing to try new approaches


Learn to visualize solutions and composition.


Convey ideas and feelings through images and artistic processes


Examine the world more closely; learn to "see" and capture world around you more carefully.


Be self-reflective; learn to talk about ideas and choices

Understand Art Worlds

Make connections between personal art practices and both historical and contemporary art.

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